COVID-19 workforce wellbeing PROGRAM

The program is a comprehensive workforce wellbeing package of critical communication, coaching and strategic support, that genuinely equips you to guard the safety, wellbeing and productivity of your people.


COVID 19 represents a threat to our basic needs and our minds move instinctively to protect ourselves often without awareness of the change because we are in a state of heightened stress and anxiety.

Recent meta analysis research indicates that the triggers of workplace bullying are largely driven by stress, role ambiguity, workload pressures & job security, all of which have been heightened in the current crisis.

This heightened state of anxiety can trigger changes to our usual behaviour in even our current remote workplaces through angry outbursts via phone, video meetings or email. In other more covert ways, information can be withheld because we aren’t keeping up our team environment, or we spread rumours and gossip about our colleagues.

If we want to prevent the negative behaviours of bullying, then we must take proactive measures to mitigate the risk to our employees this is now more important than ever.


  • Equips you with a single source driver of your communication response to COVID 19, with a focus on safeguarding the total wellbeing of your entire organisational community.

  • Provides workforce wide participation in positive behaviour culture building.

  • Provides communication responses to minimise the harmful impacts on your organisation community.


  • To minimise the negative impacts of COVID 19 on your organisational community, maximize positive behaviours and vigilantly guard the wellbeing of your people.

  • To maximise confidence in the Chief Operating Officer and organisational leadership.

  • To ease the load of COVID response time and energy off the CEO and executive team so that you can lead and deliver.


  • Collaborative development of workforce welfare initiatives that purposefully distract and innovatively connect, educate and unite your business community to transition positively and go beyond the crisis, and create a united, resilient and agile environment.

  • Delivery of education and skill developing virtual training experiences and resources focused on prevention and how to identify and respond to the triggers that can lead to cyber bullying and bad workplace behaviours in a virtual work environment.

  • Delivery of an entirely interactive and innovative online workforce communication skilling program based on proven neuroscience and the emotional brain to arm staff with the skills and confidence to effectively navigate and communicate in increasingly difficult situations, with a focus on maintaining care, respect and civility.

  • Development of a Communication Charter that provides a clear set of principles for how all members of the workforce community communicate in times of good, and in times of difficulty and recommendations to thread these same principles into the existing corporate governance policy, process and practices of the business to deliver sustained cultural uplift and benefit.

  • Roll out of a suite of on line development programs, coaching and webinars, including “Bullying Prevention” and the latest “Suddenly” Webinar Series featuring contemporary experts in areas of wellbeing, managing change, responding to change, leadership, communication and how to master the new disciplines of working and leading effectively from home.


Professor Paul Brown
Organisational Neuroscience Leader

Assoc. Prof Anna Blackman
Executive Coach &
Staff Development Specialist

Leanne Drew McKain
CEO Coach & Organisational
Communication Strategist

Tahli Hilton
Anti-Bullying Expert &
Wellbeing Advocate

Kate Lanz
Clinical Psychologist & Counsellor

Dr Glenys Drew
Development Specialist

Christine Lithgow Smith MBA
Transformational Coach
& Expert Change Strategist

Brad Skinner
Workforce Strategist &
Executive Leadership Coach


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