Victorian School Phones Ban

Media Release – 26 June 2019

Bully Zero welcomes today’s announcement by Education Minister James Merlino that a mobile phone ban will be enforced for all primary and secondary schools in Victoria from next year.

Bully Zero CEO Andre Carvalho sees this policy as a step in the right direction but also calls for more to be done to educate young people, parents and communities on the impact and dangers of online and offline bullying.

“Whilst this policy will not stop cyberbullying outside school, at least some of this behaviour can be reduced during the school day.” said Mr Carvalho.

Bullying affects everyone involved, including people who witness it. It can have serious and long-term emotional or psychological consequences in addition to the immediate harmful effects. Australian research suggests that up to one in four students has experienced some level of bullying face-to-face and one in five has experienced bullying online.

“Whilst we welcome this as a necessary piece of the puzzle, ​this policy does not prevent cyberbullying outside the school gates or prevent face to face bullying so we must also continue to do more to ensure we work towards a society where bullying, regardless of where or how it happens, is no longer tolerated, accepted or allowed to go unchallenged.” added Mr Carvalho.

Bully Zero looks forward to continuing to work with state and federal governments to educate, empower and support those impacted by bullying and ensure we provide the necessary tools to reduce and prevent bullying in our communities.

Bully Zero is a leading bullying and cyberbullying organisation for children, teens and adults in Australia. We work to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying, and other forms of digital abuse in schools, workplaces, online and in communities across our country.



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