The different types of bullying

There are different types of bullying. Below are some of the more common forms:


Name calling or put downs, threats, teasing, ridiculing, intimidation and stalking.


Punching, tripping, kicking or stealing and/or destroying someone else’s property. Unwanted kissing or touching.


Leaving people out, not inviting someone to social occasions, stopping a conversation when someone walks in the room, gossiping, or talking about someone behind their back.

This can also include lying and spreading rumours; mimicking or making fun of unkindly; negative facial or physical gestures, menacing or contemptuous looks or playing nasty jokes to embarrass and humiliate.


Hurting someone using technology, via email, chat rooms, text messages, discussion groups, online social media, instant messaging or websites.

For example, being teased or made fun of online, having unpleasant comments, pictures or videos about you sent or posted on social media or websites, having someone use your screen name or password and pretending to be you to hurt someone else.