Our vision

An Australia where we feel safe, valued and respected.



To prevent and reduce bullying through evidence-based education, advocacy, and support for all communities across Australia.



Equipped with the desire to make a difference, a group of passionate individuals joined forces in 2012 to create Bully Zero.  

In 2009, prior to forming Bully Zero, Ali Halkic’s son Allem tragically fell victim to cyber-bullying. Through the determination of not wanting the same fate for another child, Ali successfully lobbied the Victorian State Government in erecting barriers along the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne—preventing hundreds of suicides as a result. Ali’s determination for change is carried through in his work as director of Bully Zero. 

To this day, Bully Zero is the only bullying prevention organisation in Australia that delivers face-to-face programs by qualified teachers.

These programs include cyber safety and bullying prevention programs that are delivered nationwide to schools, community groups, sporting clubs and workplaces.

Bully Zero has delivered these programs to over 400,000 parents, children and teachers, received endorsements by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and WorkSafe Victoria.



Bully Zero Australia Foundation is a registered company limited by guarantee. We are governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Our ACN number is 160 383 406.

Bully Zero Australia Foundation is also registered as a Public Benevolent Institution PBI, allowing us to operate as a not for profit organisation. We are governed by the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission.

Our ABN Number is 94 160 383 406.

Bully Zero Australian Foundation is DRG (Item 1) registered.

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