Our Ambassadors

We have strong willed and focused ambassadors and advocates who believe in the Foundation’s vision.

  • Rhonda Burchmore

    Rhonda Burchmore is Australia’s leading lady. With 30 years in the entertainment industry as a singer, performer and all-round talent, Rhonda has won the hearts of all Australians. Due to her talents, Rhonda has been labelled as having a voice as “big, bold and colourful as Uluru” and it’s a voice she uses as an ambassador for BULLY ZERO™.

  • Cale Hooker
    Essendon Football Club

    Cale Hooker is a professional football player for Essendon Football Club. As one of their most experienced players, his football career has seen him go from strength to strength. Along with his on-field success, Cale is a dedicated BULLY ZERO™ ambassador and regularly attends school presentations to connect with students and raise awareness around bullying.

  • George Donikian
    Radio and Television News Presenter

    George Donikian is an Australian Radio & Television Personality. He first came to our attention when long time TV guru Bruce Gyngell described him as the “Face of Multiculturalism” in the 1980’s.. His career includes the SBS World News Program, Late Night News on Nine at 10, Today Show and Nine’s Wide World of Sports and Sports Sunday programs. In 2010, George set up Donikian Media to pursue the kind of projects that really excite him.

  • Gary Lee

    Gary is passionate about people and as a result has devoted most of his professional life in empowering communities. With an understanding that bullying can be just as detrimental at work as in schools, Gary is dedicated to championing change and promoting the message that bullying in all forms is unacceptable.

  • James Liotta

    James Liotta was born in Melbourne and is an Australian-Italian award-winning actor as well as a performer, comedian, presenter and MC.

    “I’m honoured to be part of an essential organisation that educates around Australia on the effects bullying can have on individuals, some with tragic circumstances. The BULLY ZERO™ Foundation work hard at getting the message out to a huge number of organisations and businesses. Together, through education on this matter, we hope to achieve our desired result.”

  • Libby Petrella

    Libby Petrella is a well-respected Radio/TV Presenter appearing on C31 and Foxtel Television Networks.  Furthermore, successfully producing segments for 3MP commercial radio.  Libby hosts her own show on 98.9 NWFM local radio.  As a BZAF Ambassador her passion for the anti-bullying cause is certainly a topic close to her heart.

  • Sandra Mayer
    Frankston City Council Councillor

    Cr Sandra Mayer has served nine years as a councillor at Frankston city council, with two years as mayor.  She volunteers her time presenting to schools as a BULLY ZERO™ ambassador and in domestic violence prevention with a local community organisation.  She is also a singer-songwriter known as Shania.

  • Esma Voloder

    Esma Voloder was crowned Miss World Australia 2017.  She is currently completing her honors in psychology and engages in various national and international projects in psychology, charity, tourism and commercial fashion and beauty.

  • Preeti Daga
    Communications Specialist

    With over 13 years of experience in marketing and communications, strategy, stakeholder engagement, public relations and branding, Preeti Daga is a seasoned communications specialist. A young community leader, Preeti is also the Vice President of Australia India Business Council Victoria and is deeply passionate about furthering India and Australia relations.

  • Gary Workman

    Gary Workman is the Executive Director of the Apprenticeship Employment Network, which represents not-for-profit group training organisations. He has over 20 years’ experience in the vocational education and training sector. Gary has worked on numerous government and industry projects and committees including the areas of workforce development, OH&S and the environment. Gary has been a BULLY ZERO™ ambassador since 2013 and supports the awareness of workplace bullying and mental health issues every day.

  • Carl Marsich
    Past Mayor

    “Being a past Councillor and Mayor over 15 years I have witnessed the importance of community engagement in social issues including bullying. Having a teenage son also gives me the desire to fully support the extremely important work that the BULLY ZERO™ Australia Foundation does across Australian schools.”

  • Lauren Krause

    Lauren Krause is currently studying to be a primary school teacher. She volunteers her time for the foundation through talking at different schools throughout Queensland and appearing at different events. The work that Lauren is doing is extremely close to her heart as she has personal experience because of years of bullying in her schooling. Lauren is preparing herself for the biggest fight of her life, that is to try and stop a child from going through bullying again.